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Felicia O'Garro

Developer Ninefold

Felicia O’Garro is a web developer who was motivated by articles on the importance of learning how to code and decided to teach herself while working full-time. She is also a mentor and instructor.

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Jamal O'Garro

Developer Freelance

Jamal O'Garro is a former finance guy turned hacker that loves entrepreneurship and NYC startup culture. He has worked for several well funded startups and has taught at several web development schools in New York City.


After just two months of teaching themselves to code, Felicia and Jamal O'Garro got paid to build and fix other people's websites. And soon after that, they started Code Crew, the community that's taught over two thousand people how to code in just a year and half. We talk about what it's like to work as a couple, how they discovered tech, and how they used their coding passion to build a thriving community of learners.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!