Ep. 80

Designing Makerspaces

March 21, 2016


Kristen Smith

Retail Account Manager, littleBits

Kristen Smith is with 4+ years of experience in the international maker community through her work for the Kohl's Design It! Lab, FabCafe Global Network, and littleBits. She is passionate about building networks and experiences help individuals make connections to foster collaboration.


Kristen Smith has spent a lot of time creating just the right spaces for making. In her years working on spaces with Kohl’s, FabCafe, and now littleBits, she’s crafted experiences to get people excited about hardware, and using their creativity in new and innovative ways. We talk about what makes a good makerspace, what the behind-the-scenes of one looks like, and how she leveraged her liberal arts degrees to make the tech world more accessible.

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