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Richard schneeman

Ep. 162

Richard Schneeman

Getting started on open source when you don't know where to start


Zach and molmol

Ep. 161

Zach Lieberman

How to get started in Augmented Reality


Jen simmons

Ep. 160

Jen Simmons

Who decides the future of CSS?


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Transcript to S2:E8 "Getting started on open source when you don't know where to start"

[00:00:00.00] SY: Big announcement! Early bird tickets for our CodeLand conference are now available. You can get them at CodeLandConf.com. It's ou...

Give the Gift of Coding: 5 Non-profit Orgs to Support this Season

It’s the giving season, our annual reminder that we can make a difference in our communities by supporting organizations doing great work. We’ve pi...

Create Your Own CSS & HTML Holiday Trees

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a holiday tree using shapes made only of HTML and CSS. We’ll be using CodePen to create the trees. You c...