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Zach and molmol

Ep. 161

Zach Lieberman

How to get started in Augmented Reality


Jen simmons

Ep. 160

Jen Simmons

Who decides the future of CSS?


Carmen 2

Ep. 159

Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

How to create an afro-futuristic virtual reality beauty salon


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What emojis tell us about encoding

They're our punchlines. They're our kisses. They're our favourite way to share a lol. Emojis do a lot of work for us. But sometimes emojis don't sh...

Transcript to S2:E6 "Who decides the future of CSS?"

[00:00:00.00] SY: We're doing a podcast giveaway! I think it's our first one. We're giving fifteen people a free JavaScript and React Udemy course....

How to get unstuck during a pair-programming interview

One of the hardest parts of pair programming is figuring out what to do when you get stuck. Especially when you're pair programming as part of a jo...