Alejandro Aspinwall

Frontend Engineer II Amazon

Alejandro started playing with computers when he was 11 years-old. Since then he has been tinkering with all sorts of technologies that in some way or another led him to work on music, photography, sound engineering, electric engineering, automation, video production, feature film post-production, VR games, and 3D sound. As a Senior Frontend Engineer at Amazon, he is responsible for maintaining and enhancing a suite of applications that cater to over 1 million daily users.


In this week’s episode, we explore the journey of Alejandro Aspinwall, a Frontend Engineer at Amazon. You’ll hear how Alejandro began his career deeply immersed in the world of music and what led him to transition to the world of tech. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability in his career shift and provides insights into how coding bootcamps played a pivotal role in his development. Additionally, Alejandro explores the impact of artificial intelligence in his work, particularly discussing how AI tools have become an integral part of his coding toolkit. His experiences offer valuable perspectives on the practical use of AI in software engineering, and his story sheds light on the evolving nature of tech careers and the increasing role of AI in the industry.

Show Notes

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!