Briana Vecchione

Civic Tech Fellow, NASA Datanaut Microsoft, NASA

Briana Vecchione is a data scientist specializing in civic tech and a strong advocate for fairness, transparency, and inclusion in technology. Previously, Briana’s worked on various projects through Microsoft Research, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, ABB, Square, & Wogrammer NY. She’s an award-winning scholar with organizations like the National Science Foundation, the Association of Computing Machinery, and the Anita Borg Institute.


If you've heard of open data, big data, and data science and never quite knew what it was all about, this episode is for you. Briana helps us explore the different steps it takes to answer a complex data question with code, giving us a tour of the data science world along the way. We talk about the importance and difficulty of cleaning data, the role of ethics in data collection and analysis, and how a codenewbie can dig into this fascinating topic.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!