Paola Mata

iOS Software Engineer BuzzFeed

Paola is currently building awesome apps at BuzzFeed, where she was part of the team that launched the highly acclaimed BuzzFeed News app. She's also actively involved in the tech community as co-founder of NYC Tech Latinas and regularly volunteers her time to promoting diversity in tech and supporting the next wave of new programmers.


The dream is to learn to code for a few months and get a job right away. But reality comes with a few more twists and turns, as Paola discovered on her way to landing her current software engineering position at BuzzFeed. She was an assitant looking for a better career when she rediscovered code. But getting that better careeer involved attending two bootcamps, doing an internship, and job searching for a year before landing her full-time iOS role. She shares the ups and downs of becoming a developer, the emotional and financial stressess of looking for a job, and the resources that helped her reach her goal.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!