Ep. 57

Podcasting with Changelog

October 12, 2015


Adam Stacoviak

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Changelog

Adam Stacoviak is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Changelog.

Jerod Santo

Co-host, The Changelog

Bio: Jerod Santo owns and operates a tiny dev shop from his home in Omaha, Nebraska. He co-hosts The Changelog, co-founded a web school, and co-wrangles four kids alongside his wife, Rachel.


Developer Adam Stacoviak started Changelog seven years ago, and in that time has built a community and a media company, with the podcast taking center stage. He and his co-host Jerod Santo talk to us about what it's been like building the show over the years, how they escaped podfade, and how they moved from podcast into video.

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