Ep. 89

Mobile Developer

May 23, 2016


Kaya Thomas

CS Student, Dartmouth College

Kaya Thomas is a junior at Dartmouth College where she is majoring in Computer Science. In August 2014, she launched her own iOS application called We Read Too. We Read Too is a book resource application that showcases a directory of hundreds children's and young adult books written by authors of color. We Read Too has now grown to over 600 books and over 5,000 user downloads.


Kaya Thomas has done a lot in a short period of time. She’s met first lady Michelle Obama, she’s a mobile app developer, and she was selected as Glamour’s Top Ten College Women of the Year. She talks about how she’s managed to be so successful while still a college student, the role of luck and hard work, and her process for learning new coding skills so quickly.

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