Ep. 44

CSS Tricks

July 13, 2015


Chris Coyier

Creator, CSS Tricks & CodePen

Chris Coyier is the man behind the very popular CSS-Tricks website, which has helped new—and seasoned—developers sharpen their client-side, and sometimes server-side, skills for more than half a decade. Chris is the designer and co-founder for CodePen, co-authored a book, Digging into WordPress, co-hosts ShopTalk Show with Dave Ruppert, and speaks at international events.


It took years for CSS Tricks to become the popular front-end and design resource it is today. Creator Chris Coyier talks about starting the website in 2007 and how it’s grown to be the incredible front end community it is now. He also talks about his other project, CodePen, and how building community has been an integral part of the tool.

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