Majora Carter

Founder Startup Box

Majora Carter is a real estate developer, Peabody Award winning broadcaster, and economic development consultant. Her work focuses on reducing brain-drain in low-status communities by creating quality of life improvements such as: parks, cafés & restaurants, unlikely employment opportunities for young adults, and investment opportunities for local residents who want to see their communities grow.


Majora Carter grew up in the South Bronx, and has spent her life building up the community she loves. Recently, that work has become a bit more technical. She tells us how she created Startup Box, a company focused on providing training and jobs for in-demand roles in quality assurance. We talk about the importance of QA roles in dev, why this work is particularly meaningful to her, and how she’s able to bring her expertise in urban revitalization to the tech world.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!