Nick depry

Nick DePrey

Innovation Accountant and Analytics Manager NPR

Nick DePrey is the innovation accountant and analytics manager for NPR’s Digital Media division. His roles include evaluating audio experiments through the NPR One app, using big data to make product decisions and developing personalization algorithms. He specializes in content performance metrics and deep product analytics. In his spare time Nick works as a composer and producer of music that often ends up in podcasts produced by NPR and other major networks.


Nick is an Innovation Accountant, a mash-up of data, analytics, coding, running experiments, and explaining to leadership how it’s all going. He talks about what it’s like to build NPR One, the listening app created by NPR, a decades-old, non-profit media company, what he’s learned from the data about the way people listen to podcasts, and what technical skills he uses on the job.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!