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Adrienne Lowe

Director of Advancement Django Project

A former personal chef, Adrienne Lowe is a self-taught Python programmer who is deeply involved in her community as co-organizer of her local meetups PyATL and PyATL, organizer of Django Girls Atlanta and the Your Django Story series for Django Girls. She is the tech editor for O'Reilly's Head First Python, 2nd edition; Director of Advancement for the Django Project; Chair of Corporate Sponsorship for Write the Docs conferences; and a technical support specialist at Emma, Inc.


She spent over 12 years as a chef. But when Adrienne Lowe decided to invest in coding skills, she didn’t want to leave her culinary love behind. So she merged those two worlds in her blog, a mix of tech and food that got her invited to talk at conference and fall deeper into the coding world she’d discovered. Adrienne shares how she uses her cooking skills to be a better coder, how her love of the python community has made her a passionate community builder, and how a major life event got her started.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!