Ashley lewis

Ashley Lewis

Developer Moove-it

Ashley Michal Lewis started as a stubborn art student and over the course of the past five years discovered a passion for technical problem solving as a stage electrician and lighting designer, finally transitioning into a career as a stubborn web developer. She also has a deep interest in education, open source culture, and income inequality, and hopes to eventually weave these passions together to make a positive impact.


Ashley Lewis used to light stages. She worked as a theater technician working shows like Hamilton (when it was much smaller) and New York Fashion Week. But after some introspection, she realized that her passion wasn’t in light design, and she searched for other career options. She talks to us about the similarities between coding and her art background, what it’s like working as a theater technician, and how being introspective has helped her on her coding journey.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!