Tess Posner

Managing Director TechHire

Tess is a social entrepreneur focused on increasing equity and economic opportunity in the education system and economy. Currently, she is managing director of TechHire at Opportunity@Work. TechHire is a national initiative in 70+ communities increasing opportunity for overlooked and underrepresented Americans to connect to technology careers.


If you’re hoping to get your first tech job and you haven’t heard of TechHire, this episode is for you. We talk to Tess, the managing director of TechHire, about working with employer and learning partners to place 100K people in tech jobs by 2020. She talks about the realities of finding a job in tech at the salary you want, what technology’s increasing demand for talent means for job seekers, and what every codenewbie can do to maximize their chances of launching their tech career.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!