Ep. 14

On Testing

December 14, 2014


Noel Rappin

Developer, Table XI

Noel Rappin is the Director of Talent and a Senior Developer at Table XI (tablexi.com). He is the author of multiple technical books including “Rails 4 Test Prescriptions”, “Trust-Driven Development”, and “Master Space and Time With JavaScript”.


You've probably heard of this idea of testing. Or maybe you've just heard of test driven development and you're not really sure what it is or whether or not you should learn about it. In this episode, Noel Rappin, developer and author of the new book "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions" gives us a newbie-friendly explanation of the world of testing. We talk about different types of tests, we walk through an example of how you can approach something with tests first, and why test driven development can be a great tool for planning and organizing your code, especially as a code newbie.

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