Emily karungi

Emily Karungi

Software Engineer Fenix International

Emily is a software Engineer, a mentor and a strong believer of women empowerment. She currently works as a Software Engineer at Fenix international and mentors at Thinkful, an online code school. She’s passionate about helping more women join the Technology scene which drove her to start and be apart of groups like Django Girls Kampala and the Women Passion program in Uganda. Because of her commitment and contribution to the Django community in Uganda, Emily was appointed as one of the Developer members of the Django Software Foundation. Emily is an avid traveler and loves to learn about new cultures; this has gone on to making her a very diverse person who tries to see the best in every person around her. She has a degree in Software Engineering and believes in lifelong learning


Emily Karungi went to university for software engineering, but when she walked into class and had no idea what the students were talking about, she started to doubt about whether or not she belonged. She tells us how she tackled that intimidation, what it’s like to build software in her country of Uganda, and how she uses her skills and love of mentorship to help others learn to code.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!