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Minerva Tantoco

CTO City Strategies

From tech start-ups to large enterprises to government, Ms. Minerva Tantoco holds four US patents on intelligent workflow, and is focused on applied innovation, creating tech strategies to build great businesses. Ms. Tantoco is passionate about humanizing tech and equal opportunity in the tech ecosystem. Minerva Tantoco most recently served as New York City’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Tantoco launched groundbreaking initiatives in smart city policy and government tech, such as LinkNYC, CSforAll, Neighborhoods.NYC, the first-ever IoT Guidelines for New York City, and NYC’s Smart+Equitable City Strategy.


When Minerva Tantoco was first offered the CTO position for New York City, she thought it was a prank. But in 2014, she became the city’s first Chief Technology Officer. She sits down with Codeland’s emcee, Nikhil Paul, to talk about how she started her long, impressive tech career, what programming looked like back her coding days, and how she hopes tech will transform cities for the better.

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Thank you to these sponsors for supporting the show!