Ep. 145

Codeland - NYPL and Khan Academy talks from Courteney Ervin and Celia La

July 25, 2017


Celia La

Software Engineer, Khan Academy

Celia La is a software engineer at Khan Academy, board member for Write/Speak/Code and BigApplePy, and organizer for NYC PyLadies and PyGotham. In her free time, Celia enjoys cooking, biking, and spending time with her husband, daughter and curmudgeonly cat.

Courteney Ervin

Software Developer, The New York Public Library

Courteney Ervin codes in the space where open source meets social good. She’s a developer at the New York Public Library, where she supports accessible literacy in NYC and beyond.


Courteney Ervin shares the ups and downs of building a product for one of the largest library systems in the world. Celia La walks us through the technical challenges (and solutions) of bringing Khan Academy's high quality content to people all over the world.

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