Stories from people on their coding journey.

You may have heard of quality assurance and testing, but what's quality engineering? Intuit engineer, Rocio Montes, guides us through the world of quality, and shares why she's ... more

Suz Hinton introduces us to the world of open source hardware. She shares interesting projects, both artistic and functional, and breaks down the steps it takes to create a hard... more

Michael started his career as a glass blower, creating lighting for movies and tv shows. But after cutbacks at work, he decided it was time to look into other careers, and revis... more

Kathryn's participated in dozens of hackathons as a student, and even when things didn't go well, she kept going back. Kathryn shares all the ways hackathons have helped her in ... more

A big part of the developer culture is sharing knowledge, writing blog posts, and posting code. You show your passion for coding by putting your work out there, but how do you s... more

Amir Rajan is CEO of RubyMotion, a tool that helps you turn your ruby code base into an iOS app. He shares his own app building experience, and what developers should know when ... more

You type in a url and you get a website. But how did you get that website? What are all the little steps that happen when you request a page and (hopefully) see that page in you... more

S3 • EP3 - What is cryptocurrency?

Preethi Kasireddy
February 12, 2018

What is bitcoin? How do cryptocurrencies work? What is the blockchain? Preethi Kasireddy, a blockchain engineer, gives us a gentle introduction to the world of digital currencie... more

S3 • EP2 - What's a container?

Kelsey Hightower
February 05, 2018

If you've heard of containers and this thing called Kubernetes, but you're not sure exactly how they work and what they are, this episode is for you. Kelsey Hightower of Google ... more

Working with CSS can be frustrating, and sometimes just plain painful. But if you listen to Jen Simmons talk about CSS, her passion for it might rub off on you. She gives tips o... more

S2 • EP4 - What makes a good speaker?

Kelsey Hightower, Lara Hogan
November 20, 2017

This is the last week to submit a talk to Codeland, our annual tech conference, so we wanted to give you some insight on what makes a good talk, a good speaker, and a good propo... more

S2 • EP2 - How do browsers work?

Lin Clark
November 06, 2017

You use the browser all the time, but how much do you really know about it? Lin Clark walks us through all the steps a browser takes to translate your html into pixels on the sc... more

S1 • EP8 - What and why is web animation?

Rachel Nabors
October 04, 2017

Web animation can be creative and fun, but what does it have to do with building a website? How do you use it in a form or a basic landing page in a way that's actually helpful ... more

S1 • EP7 - Why is my website slow?

Lara Hogan
September 27, 2017

You've got an amazing website. It's beautiful, functional, but it takes forever to load. What do you do? Where do you even begin to debug that? Lara Hogan, VP of Engineering at ... more

S1 • EP6 - How to ace a technical interview

La Vesha Parker, Tiffany Peon
September 20, 2017

Technical interviews are the worst. They’re hard, they’re scary, and they often feel like they’re designed to make you feel stupid. But no worries! We’re here to help. We take a... more

Wes Bos is pretty popular in the JavaScript and learn-to-code community. He produces tons of tutorials, blog posts, videos, many of them free, for people to learn and grown as d... more

S1 • EP1 - Intro to Accessibility

Stephanie Slattery
August 16, 2017

We kick off the first episode of our official first season with Stephanie Slattery, a front-end engineer who specializes in accessibility. She breaks down the world of accessibi... more

EP. 137 - Intro to Data Science

Briana Vecchione
April 24, 2017

If you've heard of open data, big data, and data science and never quite knew what it was all about, this episode is for you. Briana helps us explore the different steps it take... more

EP. 136 - Welcome to WordPress

Ptah Dunbar
April 17, 2017

WordPress powers 27% of the web, with sites big and small leveraging the popular platform. Developer Ptah Dunbar, also known as “Pirate”, gives us a tour of the platform, its th... more

In just over a year, Kim’s spoken at eight meetups, ten conferences, had talks accepted at three more, and has four upcoming talks already lined up. And she’s just getting start... more

EP. 134 - Getting Into Hardware

Elecia White
April 03, 2017

This week, we followed up our conversation about embedded systems with a focus on getting into hardware as a whole. Elecia White gave us a tour of her hardware world, complete w... more

EP. 132 - The Business of Open Source

Safia Abdalla
March 20, 2017

When we talk about open source, we focus mostly on the code and contributions. But as a crucial element of the developer ecosystem, it’s important to think about the business si... more

EP. 131 - Take My Money

Noel Rappin
March 13, 2017

If you plan on getting a job as a developer, chances are, you’ll deal with the technical side of accepting online payments. It might be as easy as plugging in a tool like Stripe... more

EP. 130 - 30 Million Downloads

Jo Overline
March 06, 2017

Jo Overline’s created 30 apps, totally 30 million downloads over the past ten years. He’s taken his success as an app creator and built a business around it, launching a consult... more

EP. 129 - Getting My First Developer Job

Paola Mata
February 27, 2017

The dream is to learn to code for a few months and get a job right away. But reality comes with a few more twists and turns, as Paola discovered on her way to landing her curren... more

EP. 128 - Progressive Coders Network

Rapi Castillo
February 19, 2017

Rapi wasn’t very politically engaged until his husband told him about Bernie Sanders, and soon after, Rapi was hooked. He joined the Coders for Sanders group and created the Ber... more

EP. 127 - Creating a Game for Vets

Evan Sanderson
February 13, 2017

When Evan read an article about the rate of suicide among veterans returning from war, it broke his heart. So he decided to turn that heart break into advocacy. He read about an... more

EP. 126 - The Mechanic

Ray Acevedo
February 06, 2017

Ray Acevedo was a mechanic, a full-time job he held while he learned to code part-time at the Coalition for Queens. In this specially produced segment, Ray shares his coding jou... more

EP. 125 - Learning to Code in the 1960s

Mary L Gorden
January 30, 2017

Mary became a programmer in the late 1960s, back when coding was “barbaric,” as she put it. She takes us through her nearly 40 years of working with computers, starting with the... more

EP. 124 - Open Source Newbie

Shubheksha Jalan
January 23, 2017

Shubheksha shares her experience contributing to open source, why it took her two years to contribute in a meaningful way, and how working on open source has boosted her confide... more

EP. 123 - Rails Girls Summer of Code

Laura Gaetano
January 16, 2017

Before becoming a developer, Laura had a number of job titles, including music blogger, DJ, and maid. But it was a Rails Girls workshop that brought her back to the world of web... more

EP. 122 - The Ethics of Coding

Bill Sourour
January 09, 2017

Bill Sourour was twenty-one when he was asked to build a website for a pharmaceutical company. It was a quiz that asked users to select symptoms so that it could recommend a dru... more

EP. 121 - TechHire

Tess Posner
January 02, 2017

If you’re hoping to get your first tech job and you haven’t heard of TechHire, this episode is for you. We talk to Tess, the managing director of TechHire, about working with em... more

EP. 120 - 100 Days of Code

Alexander Kallaway
December 26, 2016

Alex Kallaway was working as a full-time developer, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted a way to try new technologies and grow his coding skills outside of work. So he created #100D... more

EP. 119 - Indie iOS Developer

Ish Shabazz
December 19, 2016

Ish Shabazz recently released Stamp Pack, the iOS app that gave him his biggest launch yet. He talks about the iterative process of building and selling an app, what’s it’s like... more

EP. 118 - Truck Driver

George Moore
December 12, 2016

George Moore drove trucks for years. But he knew he wanted to do more with his life, and his wife encouraged him to go back to school, finish his degree, and pursue the tech car... more

EP. 117 - Diversity in Tech - Part II

Ashe Dryden
December 05, 2016

In part II of our interview, Ashe Dryden talks about how the harassment she’s experienced has made her worry about the safety of people around her and influenced her decision to... more

EP. 116 - Diversity in Tech - Part I

Ashe Dryden
November 28, 2016

Diversity in tech is a big topic. In our conversation with Ashe Dryden, programmer, organizer and diversity consultant, we unpack the many questions, misconceptions, and realiti... more

Terri Burns didn’t start off as a computer science major, but she ended up not only graduating with a CS degree but running one of the largest student tech organizations in the ... more

Nick is an Innovation Accountant, a mash-up of data, analytics, coding, running experiments, and explaining to leadership how it’s all going. He talks about what it’s like to bu... more

EP. 113 - Hackathons

Leslie Hitchcock
November 07, 2016

Leslie Hitchcock started her career writing white papers on information security. Now, she organizes some of the largest hackathons and tech events in the world for TechCrunch. ... more

EP. 112 - Comedy and Code - Part II

Baratunde Thurston
October 31, 2016

In part two of our interview with comedian Baratunde Thurston, we talk about how he brought together product development and comedy to create entertaining apps in his recent rol... more

EP. 111 - Comedy and Code - Part I

Baratunde Thurston
October 24, 2016

Baratunde Thurston’s made a career of combining tech, comedy, and politics. From launching Comedy Hack Day to his recent role as the Daily Show’s first Supervising Producer for ... more

EP. 110 - Coding in Uganda

Emily Karungi
October 17, 2016

Emily Karungi went to university for software engineering, but when she walked into class and had no idea what the students were talking about, she started to doubt about whethe... more

EP. 109 - Simple Programmer

John Somnez
October 10, 2016

Years after John Sonmez had been programming, he learned something very important: while his coding skills were important, creating content was his secret. With his blog posts, ... more

EP. 108 - Tech Internships

Dara Oke
October 03, 2016

Dara Oke graduated with four tech internships under her belt. She’s worked at Intel, Microsoft, and Twitter building features in languages she hadn’t studied and on topics she h... more

EP. 107 - Mom and Son Learn To Code

Lorraine Hutter, Bobby Hutter
September 26, 2016

Lorraine Hutter watched her son Bobby go to a bootcamp and learn to code. She saw him come home happy and excited, and she wanted to feel that same fire. So months later, she si... more

We continue our conversation with developer Julia Nguyen on her mental health journey, how it's affected her life as a programmer, and what unique product decisions she has to m... more

Julia Nguyen was diagnosed with OCD when she was in high school. It took a long time for her to talk about it, but soon she was writing and giving talks on mental health. She’s ... more

EP. 104 - Scrum Master

Anjuan Simmons
September 05, 2016

Have you ever heard of a scrum master and wondered what that was? Anjuan Simmons, certified scrum master and project manager, breaks it down for us in this highly informative in... more

EP. 103 - Algorithms

Carina C. Zona
August 29, 2016

Carina C. Zona helps us understand algorithms, both what they are and how they are used. She walks us through fascinating examples of how they've been used in technology over th... more

EP. 102 - My Very First App

Aurelian Sennett
August 22, 2016

A lot can happen in a year. For high school biology teacher Aurelian Sennett, that time was spent writing his first program that launched his tech business to help schools solve... more

EP. 101 - Open Sourcerer of Django

Jacob Kaplan-Moss
August 15, 2016

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is often credited for co-creating Django, one of the most popular web frameworks written in python. But that’s not exactly true. He’s also given credit for bei... more

For our special 100th episode, CodeNewbie founder gets interviewed by her husband, Rob Frelow, on creating CodeNewbie, her own coding journey, and shares info on upcoming projec... more

EP. 99 - Creating Lifehacker - Part II

Gina Trapani
August 01, 2016

Last episode we talked to Gina Trapani about her Lifehacker days. In this episode, we look to the future and hear about her work at Postlight, what it’s like to work with Paul F... more

EP. 98 - Creating Lifehacker - Part I

Gina Trapani
July 25, 2016

Once upon a time, Gina Trapani started Lifehacker. It got big, really big, with the ups and downs of being the sole editor responsible for a website that millions of people read... more

Ashley Lewis used to light stages. She worked as a theater technician working shows like Hamilton (when it was much smaller) and New York Fashion Week. But after some introspect... more

EP. 96 - Developing Your Tech Talk Idea

Nickolas Means
July 11, 2016

Nickolas Means talked about airplanes, and in doing so, he connected them with code in beautiful and interesting ways. In this interview, Nick explains how to take seemingly dis... more

EP. 95 - Is The Website Down?

Stella Cotton
July 04, 2016

When one man decided to crowdfund a bailout for Greece on Indiegogo (a feat that required over a billion dollars), Stella Cotton and her team found themselves in trouble. The si... more

EP. 94 - UX Design and Gaming

Lil Chen
June 27, 2016

Lil Chen has been in gaming for years. She started by playing video games, then become a competitive Super Smash Brothers player, and now works as a UX Designer at YouTube Gamin... more

EP. 93 - Storytelling with Code

Michael Rau
June 20, 2016

Michael Rau didn’t want to build an app, he wanted to create an experience. So he constructed a physical room, and with the help of a Rails app, created a theater show called “T... more

EP. 92 - Afghan Women Coding

Fereshteh Forough
June 13, 2016

Fereshteh Forough wanted to help women in Afghanistan. She knew that attaining education was difficult, let alone technical training, and the cultural attitudes towards women di... more

EP. 91 - Creating EmberJS - Part II

Yehuda Katz
June 05, 2016

In part two of our interview with Yehuda Katz, we talk about how he created EmberJS, and what it means to build a web framework. We also talk about what it means to be a beginne... more

EP. 90 - Creating EmberJS - Part I

Yehuda Katz
May 30, 2016

Yehuda Katz has done many, many code things. He co-created Ember.js, co-founded a tech startup Tilde, is a frequent contributor to open source projects including Handlebars, Bun... more

EP. 89 - Mobile Developer

Kaya Thomas
May 23, 2016

Kaya Thomas has done a lot in a short period of time. She’s met first lady Michelle Obama, she’s a mobile app developer, and she was selected as Glamour’s Top Ten College Women ... more

EP. 88 - CodeNewbie Apprentice

Sharon Siegel
May 16, 2016

In December, CodeNewbie put out applications for the CodeNewbie Apprenticeship, and in 10 days received 322 applications from all over the world. Many interviews later, Sharon S... more

EP. 87 - Vets Who Code

Jerome Hardaway
May 09, 2016

Plenty of organizations work to help vets. But what vet Jerome Hardaway noticed about these organizations is that they were mostly reactive. While they responded to problems, fe... more

EP. 86 - Intro to Databases

Mark Nadal
May 02, 2016

Mark Nadal was a front end developer looking for a better database. So he built his own. He walks us through the different types of databases, the limitations you might run into... more

EP. 85 - Technical Writing

Chris Mills
April 25, 2016

Chris loves writing tutorials for beginners, and he gets to do it for Mozilla. We talk about the different parts of good technical writing, how he manages to maintain that begin... more

EP. 84 - From Research To Code

Anna Lee
April 18, 2016

Anna Lee spent years as a researcher. Going from a world of pharmaceutical science to being a front end web developer was definitely a leap, one she successfully made after quit... more

EP. 83 - How To Get A Coding Job

Charles Max Wood
April 11, 2016

As a podcaster of several very popular tech shows, Chuck gets questions from listeners all the time. One of the most popular questions he gets is one that you might also be aski... more

EP. 82 - What Is Code?

Paul Ford
April 04, 2016

Paul Ford didn’t expect his article on coding to go big. But almost a year later, the Bloomberg issue dedicated to “What is code?” is still completely sold out. We dig into the ... more

EP. 81 - Social Justice Warrior

Coraline Ada Ehmke
March 28, 2016

Coraline wears the Social Justice Warrior title proudly. She fights the battles, working tirelessly to create safer spaces for more people in tech. But noble as her cause may be... more

EP. 80 - Designing Makerspaces

Kristen Smith
March 21, 2016

Kristen Smith has spent a lot of time creating just the right spaces for making. In her years working on spaces with Kohl’s, FabCafe, and now littleBits, she’s crafted experienc... more

EP. 79 - Make Magazine

Mike Senese
March 14, 2016

Mike Senese has always loved tech. He grew up around it, and his fascination and curiosity led him to not only make stuff, but share it with the world. He’s written for tech pub... more

EP. 78 - Hardware Newbie

Emily Xie
March 07, 2016

Emily Xie spends most of her time coding in PHP. But recently, she got a chance to do some making by organizing a laser-cutting class for her Girl Develop It chapter. In our fir... more

EP. 77 - Technically Speaking

Chiu-Ki Chan
February 29, 2016

Chiu-Ki Chan believes in speaking. Best case scenario, speaking gives her a way to share her journey and accomplishments. Worst case scenario, it’s a way to help her make small ... more

EP. 76 - Data Journalist

Matthew Mitchell
February 22, 2016

When Matt Mitchell saw the news anchor mention his home country of Grenada, he sat up straight. But his excitement soon turned to confusion when this trusted tv newscaster mispr... more

EP. 75 - Coding In Colombia

Juan Pablo Buriticá
February 15, 2016

Juan loves his home country, Colombia. But he was frustrated by the pervasive negative headlines describing the country as dangerous. He knew Colombia’s potential, and he wanted... more

EP. 74 - Startup Box

Majora Carter
February 08, 2016

Majora Carter grew up in the South Bronx, and has spent her life building up the community she loves. Recently, that work has become a bit more technical. She tells us how she c... more

EP. 73 - Coding Chef

Adrienne Lowe
February 01, 2016

She spent over 12 years as a chef. But when Adrienne Lowe decided to invest in coding skills, she didn’t want to leave her culinary love behind. So she merged those two worlds i... more

EP. 72 - Security Newbie

Chris Palmer
January 25, 2016

Chris Palmer spends his time thinking about how to make a browser more secure. But security is a broad concept that can mean different things to different people, and part of a ... more

EP. 71 - Internet For All

Danilo Campos
January 18, 2016

Danilo lived in public housing until he was two. Now a self-taught iOS developer, he’s using his technical skills and personal journey to help bring the internet to the thousand... more

EP. 70 - From Servers to Security

Christina Morillo
January 11, 2016

Christina started as a server administrator. But over the years, she found her way into information security, now serving as VP of Technology and Information Risk at Morgan Stan... more

EP. 69 - Manager Newbie

Selena Deckelmann
January 04, 2016

Selena’s been in tech for twenty years. She got her first taste of open source software back in 1995, and since then, she’s been an open source contributor bringing more people ... more

EP. 68 - Too Late To Be Awesome

Chanelle Henry
December 28, 2015

Chanelle Henry wanted to be awesome. She saw people selling companies and building inspiring products and wondered if it was too late for her to be that awesome. That question i... more

EP. 67 - Android Developer

Annyce Davis
December 21, 2015

Annyce Davis became an Android developer by building an Android app. She took some time to hack away at a prototype, showed it to her boss, and was put in charge of building The... more

EP. 66 - Laboratoria

Mariana Costa
December 14, 2015

Mariana Costa started Laboratoria to help young women in Lima, Peru get coding skills and improve their lives. A year and a half in, she’s launched this five-month program servi... more

EP. 65 - Art and Code

Dan Shiffman
December 07, 2015

Dan Shiffman doesn’t like titles. As an open source contributor, author, and professor, it might be because he has so many to pick from. In this conversation, we touch on all th... more

EP. 64 - Write Speak Code

Rebecca Miller Webster
November 30, 2015

Rebecca Miller Webster created Write Speak Code for herself. She wanted a space that would encourage her to write more, speak more, and contribute to open source more. And in th... more

EP. 63 - Free Code Camp

Quincy Larson
November 23, 2015

He’s only been coding for four years. But thirteen months ago, Quincy Larson launched one of the most beloved learn-to-code resources in the CodeNewbie community, Free Code Camp... more

EP. 62 - Hello Ruby

Linda Liukas
November 16, 2015

Linda Liukas identifies more with being a children’s author than a developer. That might be because she’s spent a good amount of time helping others learn to code than actually ... more

EP. 61 - Brianna and Brianna's Mother

Brianna Fugate
November 09, 2015

When she goes to events, she no longer writes her own name on her name tag. Instead, she writes “Brianna’s Mother”. Ronique, the proud single-mother of a coder talks to us about... more

EP. 60 - Impostor Syndrome

Alicia Liu
November 02, 2015

Software Engineer Alicia Liu has thought a lot about Impostor Syndrome. In fact, she’s written three blog posts, one each year for the past three years, that have illustrated he... more

EP. 59 - The GitHub Nomad

John Britton
October 26, 2015

For now, home is Lisbon, Portugal. But as a full-time nomad, who knows where developer John Britton will be a few months from now. John tell us what it’s like to work remotely f... more

EP. 58 - From Journalist to Developer

Amy Simmons
October 19, 2015

Amy Simmons spent six years working as a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC of Australia. As an online journalism, she thought it was a good idea to ... more

EP. 57 - Podcasting with Changelog

Adam Stacoviak, Jerod Santo
October 12, 2015

Developer Adam Stacoviak started Changelog seven years ago, and in that time has built a community and a media company, with the podcast taking center stage. He and his co-host ... more

EP. 56 - From Temp to Head of Design

Julie Ann Horvath
October 05, 2015

She got into tech by doing temporary data entry at the then little-known startup, Yammer. But she saw the opportunities available to those who could code, so she taught herself,... more

EP. 55 - Open Source Contributor

Steve Klabnik
September 28, 2015

The first open source project Steve Klabnik got involved with was a pretty big one - he took on Hackety Hack, the beloved application that helped kids learn to code. He only mea... more

EP. 54 - The Hacker

Jonathan Barronville
September 21, 2015

Jonathan hacks away on his search engine at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, fine tuning it for the fashion queries his startup handles. He doesn’t have a computer science degree. He d... more

EP. 53 - Peruvian Developer

Andrea Del Rio
September 14, 2015

Andrea Del Rio talks about her role as a Mozilla Open Web fellow, how she’s using her technical skills to help civil society organizations, and what it’s like to build products ... more

EP. 52 - International Dev

Ayori Selassie
September 07, 2015

Ayori Selassie talks to us about how she navigated her career at Salesforce, moving seamlessly across different roles developing her technical and management skills. She also te... more

In part two of our interview with Dave Thomas, we dive into some of his other contributions to the community, including coining the phrase “DRY” (Don’t Repeat Yourself), popular... more

Dave Thomas has done a lot for the programming community. He coined the phrase “DRY” (Don’t Repeat Yourself). He popularized the idea of code katas. He was one of the signers of... more

EP. 49 - Getting The Job

Suzan Bond
August 17, 2015

Suzan Bond calls herself a band manager, the title that captures the wide range of activities she does in her work helping developers grow their careers. Her marketing, negotiat... more

EP. 48 - Freelance to Full-Time

Nicole Dominguez
August 10, 2015

Nicole Dominguez taught herself to code at a pretty young age, and by the time she was in high school, she had paying freelance clients. At 21, she reflects on her freelance day... more

EP. 47 - Design and Dev

Una Kravetz
August 03, 2015

Una Kravets found her love of design at a young age, publishing homemade magazines complete with polls and special color editions and handing them out to her classmates. Now, sh... more

EP. 46 - Self Taught Programmer

Courteney Ervin
July 27, 2015

Courteney Ervin taught herself to code. She did it in her spare time, finding hours late at night and on weekends to grow her skills. And in that time, she went to her first hac... more

EP. 45 - Design Director

Kristy Tillman
July 20, 2015

When you ask Kristy Tillman about design, she doesn’t just talk about designing for a screen. She touches on space, rooms, fliers, products, both physical and digital. Her fluid... more

EP. 44 - CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier
July 13, 2015

It took years for CSS Tricks to become the popular front-end and design resource it is today. Creator Chris Coyier talks about starting the website in 2007 and how it’s grown to... more

EP. 43 - Code and Hip Hop

Earl Bey
July 06, 2015

Programmer Earl Bey has always been a hip hop fan. He’s been rapping since he was ten, and even had his own manager. When he was later introduced to tech, he dove into coding fu... more

Sandi Metz describes herself as an "accidental author." Accident or not, her book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (POODR) is beloved in the ruby community, and she's us... more

EP. 41 - POODR And Beyond - Part I

Sandi Metz
June 21, 2015

Sandi Metz describes herself as an "accidental author." Accident or not, her book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (POODR) is beloved in the ruby community, and she's us... more

EP. 40 - From Cars To Code

Angel Jose
June 15, 2015

Angel Jose went from selling cars to a working as a developer in under eight months. He talks to us about making that transition, how he found his job, and how he deals with sel... more

He knew how to code, but when he graduated school, Andrew Chen decided to go into venture capital. Since then, he’s used his technical background to become an advisor and invest... more

EP. 38 - Hacker Hours

Aidan Feldman
June 01, 2015

When developer Aidan Feldman had a line of people waiting for their turn to get coding help from him, he decided to try a different format. Instead of one-on-one tutoring, how a... more

EP. 37 - From Skates To Code

Aimee Knight
May 25, 2015

She used to be a professional figure skater. And a few years ago, she decided to hang up her skates and trade them in for some code. Software developer Aimee Knight tells us wha... more

EP. 36 - Creating jQuery

John Resig
May 18, 2015

John Resig, creator of jQuery, talks about what it was like to build the most popular javascript library and then walk away from it five years later to follow his passion for ed... more

EP. 35 - Stellar

David Mazières
May 11, 2015

David Mazières, Chief Scientist at Stellar, talks to us about his work at the Stellar foundation building software to expand financial access. We also talk about how he uses tem... more

EP. 34 - Newbie Story: LaToya Allen

LaToya Allen
May 04, 2015

For our first Newbie Story, we talk to LaToya Allen, junior software engineer at Avant, a fast-growing Chicago startup. She tells us how she went from bartending to becoming an ... more

EP. 33 - Detroit Water Project

Tiffani Bell
April 27, 2015

When developer Tiffani Bell first heard about the water crisis in Detroit from a news article in the Atlantic, she was shocked. So she rolled up her developer sleeves and put up... more

EP. 32 - Rockbot

Raquel Velez
April 20, 2015

You probably know her as rockbot, the username that captures her passion for robotics. In this episode, developer Raquel Velez shares that passion with us, telling us all about ... more

EP. 31 - Girl Develop It

Corinne Warnshuis
April 13, 2015

Corinne Warnshuis sat in a Girl Develop It workshop to learn to code. Her love for the community and her community-building skills propelled her from coding newbie to Executive ... more

EP. 30 - The Not-Bootcamp

Jeff Casimir
April 06, 2015

At a time when people are lining up to get accepted by a programming bootcamp, Jeff Casimir decided to start one that is non-profit. But he doesn't like the term bootcamp -- he ... more

EP. 29 - A Children's Makerspace

Gokul Krishnan
March 30, 2015

Gokul Krishnan started the first makerspace in a children's hospital. Working with kids who have chronic illnesses like cystic fibrosis, he created a way for them to be makers. ... more

EP. 28 - Coding Printers

Kate Donahue
March 23, 2015

She was trained to be a web developer. But months after graduating from bootcamp, she's at Makerbot, helping build the software that their 3D printers need to do their job. It's... more

EP. 27 - Intro to Raspberry Pi

Matt Richardson
March 16, 2015

Matt Richardson, evangelist for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, talks to us about the little computer that's making hardware accessible to more people. We talk about what the Raspb... more

EP. 26 - The Hardware Marketplace

Julia Grace
March 09, 2015

Julia Grace talks to us about Tindie, the hardware marketplace where creators and hardware enthusiasts can come together to share their goods. We talk about the challenges of bu... more

EP. 25 - From Software To Hardware

Sara Chipps
March 02, 2015

It started at a conference. When Sara Chipps sat in the audience and watched a speaker use JavaScript to interact with a smoke detector, she was entranced. She left with a bag o... more

EP. 24 - Monsters And Code

Sarah Frisk
February 23, 2015

Developer Sarah Frisk uses her incredible drawing skills to teach coding tools and concepts like git through her comic, Monster Markup Manual. We talk about her love of drawing,... more

EP. 23 - Ask CodeNewbie

Scott Hanselman, Tiffany Peon
February 16, 2015

In our first live broadcast of the podcast, we brought on developers Scott Hanselman and Tiffany Peon to chat about hot topics in the CodeNewbie community. We talked about findi... more

EP. 22 - Intro to UX

Catt Small
February 09, 2015

Catt Small gives us a great intro to UX (user experience) design, including insight on her design process, how she works with users to create great digital experiences, and how ... more

EP. 21 - Teaching Kids To Code

Rebecca Garcia
February 02, 2015

Developer Rebecca Garcia had always loved computers. At a young age, she went to MIT's two-week computer science camp. She was surrounded by kids who love to build and make, jus... more

EP. 20 - Accessibility

Joseph McLarty
January 26, 2015

Joseph McLarty, developer and accessibility advocate, talks to us about issues of accessibility and how we can create, and remove, invisible barriers that keep people from acces... more

EP. 19 - The Hard Way

Zed A. Shaw
January 19, 2015

Zed A. Shaw, developer and author of the Learn the Hard Way series, talks to us about how to learn to code, his own approach to learning a new programming language, and why he’s... more

EP. 17 - Getting Involved

Scott Hanselman
January 04, 2015

You may have heard of Scott Hanselman from his own podcasts and his very popular tech blog. We talk to him about how he creates all this helpful tech content, why it's important... more

EP. 16 - Code Ghost

Jenn Schiffer
December 28, 2014

Engineer and artist Jenn Schiffer talks to us about the Vart Institute, the side project that blends her love of art with her love of javascript. We dive into how she brings tho... more

EP. 15 - Intro to DevOps

Christopher Webber
December 21, 2014

There's more to coding than just your code. In this episode, we talk to developer Chris Webber about devops, and all of the infrastructure-related things that are also important... more

EP. 14 - On Testing

Noel Rappin
December 14, 2014

You've probably heard of this idea of testing. Or maybe you've just heard of test driven development and you're not really sure what it is or whether or not you should learn abo... more

EP. 13 - The Not-So-Amateur Programmer

Lauren Orsini
December 07, 2014

If you're looking for solid, newbie-friendly guides to tech, Lauren Orsini's got you covered. As a tech journalist for ReadWrite, she's written some CodeNewbie favorites, includ... more

EP. 12 - Mother Coders

Tina Lee
November 30, 2014

When it was time for lunch, the other students ate and got to know each other while Tina Lee searched for a place to nurse her baby. The only one she found in that coding worksh... more

EP. 11 - 24 Pull Requests

Andrew Nesbitt
November 23, 2014

It was just a static webpage, telling you to get in the holiday spirit by making open source contributions. But 24 Pull Requests soon became its own open source project, with pe... more

EP. 10 - Nitpicks and Devils

Katrina Owen
November 16, 2014

She calls them nitpicks, her term for the code reviews people get on exercism.io. It's a platform that developer Katrina Owen created to help people get mentorship and feedback ... more

EP. 9 - How To Build A Product

Poornima Vijayashanker
November 09, 2014

Building a web product was a lot harder in 2006 than it is now. Poornima Vijayashanker tells us what it was like to code back in those days as founding engineer at Mint, an app ... more

EP. 8 - From Student Project to Big App

William Jeffries
November 03, 2014

When William Jeffries had to think of a project to work on as a bootcamp student, he decided to build an app that could detect and report temperatures in apartments when they dr... more

EP. 7 - Meteor

Ciara Burkett
October 26, 2014

When Ciara Burkett saw the movie 'Hackers' at age five, she told her mother she wanted to be just that - a hacker. But it wasn't until exploring liberal arts in college that she... more

EP. 6 - Comics and Code

Rachel Nabors
October 20, 2014

Rachel Nabors started as a cartoonist. But when she needed jaw surgery and didn't have the health insurance to get it, she decided it was time to get more lucrative skills. Now ... more

EP. 5 - Speaking of Speaking

Marty Haught
October 12, 2014

Marty Haught, director of Ruby Central, the non-profit that organizes Rails Conf and Ruby Conf has read and reviewed over 1,000 talk proposals, and organize several regional and... more

EP. 4 - Wearing All The Hats

Kinsey Ann Durham
October 05, 2014

Self-taught developer Kinsey Ann Durham didn't stop at learning to code. In two years, she's spoken at tech conferences around the world, started an organization in Kenya to hel... more

EP. 3 - Code Couple

Felicia O'Garro, Jamal O'Garro
September 28, 2014

After just two months of teaching themselves to code, Felicia and Jamal O'Garro got paid to build and fix other people's websites. And soon after that, they started Code Crew, t... more

EP. 2 - Coding Like A Boss

Brian Douglas
September 22, 2014

Brian Douglas, rails developer at Izea and graduate of the Bloc program, shares his story of learning to code and finding a job in 7 months, while also getting his MBA, working ... more