S27 EP 7

Tech and Art

S27 EP 6

The Crossover of Health, Technology and Art

S27 EP 5

Navigating the AI Evolution

S27 EP 4

Living the Dream with AI

S27 EP 3

Helping You Build Machine Learning Products

S27 EP 2

The Journey from Sound Engineer to Software Engineer

S27 EP 1

Nurturing Relationships for AI Excellence

S26 EP 8

Being Open to the Unexpected

S26 EP 7

Thoughts on Degrees and Bootcamps

S26 EP 6

Embracing Rest for Productivity

S26 EP 5

Exploring the Path from Medicine to a Tech Career

S26 EP 4

The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

S26 EP 3

Learning to Code with a Full-Time Job

S26 EP 2

Freelancing While Homeschooling

S26 EP 1

Make Your Accomplishments Visible

S25 EP 8

Empowering Developers of All Abilities

S25 EP 7

Overcoming Fears and Pursuing Passions

S25 EP 6

Big Tech: What They Say vs. What They Mean

S25 EP 5

Mastering Leadership

S25 EP 4

Diversity Dialogues in Tech

S25 EP 3

Self-Taught Coding Stories of a Former Lab Scientist

S25 EP 2

The Journey from a Bootcamp to a FAANG

S25 EP 1

Pivoting to Tech from Biomedical Science

S24 EP 8

A Model's Journey to Software Development

S24 EP 7

Navigating Layoffs with Intention

S24 EP 6

Surviving Cancer, Building Code, Thriving in Tech

S24 EP 5

Balancing Parenthood and Programming

S24 EP 4

From Occupational Therapy to Code

S24 EP 3

Building Products for Everyone

S24 EP 2

Understanding and Supporting Neurodivergence in Tech

S24 EP 1

From Customer Service to Code

S23 EP 8

Empowering the Next Generation of Black Tech Talent

S23 EP 7

How a Single Mom in a Shelter Became a Successful Software Developer

S23 EP 6

From Site Reliability Engineer to Principal Software Engineer

S23 EP 5

Going from Ministry to Tech

S23 EP 4

Practical A/B Testing

S23 EP 3

Saying Yes to Opportunities

S23 EP 2

Having a Growth Mindset

S23 EP 1

Psychological Safety in Tech

S22 EP 9

Coding Bootcamps & Coding Journeys

S22 EP 8

From Opera to Code

S22 EP 7

Starting out in Open Source

S22 EP 6

Technical writing

S22 EP 5

Bonus: How should we handle failure?

S22 EP 4

Showing up in tech

S22 EP 3

Demonstrating curiosity kindly with Matt Newkirk

S22 EP 2

Building the bridge across the tech gap

S22 EP 1

The new wave of frontend developer tools are on their way

S21 EP 8

How to get into Web3 development

S21 EP 7

What does it mean to be a part of the software development life cycle

S21 EP 6

What it looks like to be an apprentice engineer at Pinterest

S21 EP 5

What is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it

S21 EP 4

What is SQL and why you should learn it

S21 EP 3

Why learning good documentation skills is so important for leveling up

S21 EP 2

What your bootcamp isn't teaching you

S21 EP 1

What it looks like to be an AR/VR engineer

S20 EP 8

How to be a successful solopreneur

S20 EP 7

What we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer

S20 EP 6

How to create successful mobile games

S20 EP 5

What are some fundamentals of machine learning and AI

S20 EP 4

How to transition from the arts into a career in tech

S20 EP 3

How to think like a CTO

S20 EP 2

What you need to be prepared for any job interview

S20 EP 1

Where you can find quality live coding instruction online

S19 EP 8

How being demoted could be the right career move

S19 EP 7

How freeCodeCamp has evolved over time

S19 EP 6

How to make learning databases fun and approachable

S19 EP 5

What are some common mistakes people make when learning to code

S19 EP 4

What does WordPress development look like

S19 EP 3

Why Python is still one of the most popular coding languages

S19 EP 2

How to learn Swift and get into iOS development

S19 EP 1

What are the benefits of learning in public

S18 EP 9

DevNews: Potential Effects of a Cyberwar Between Russia and Ukraine, a Coding Bootcamp Stands Strong In Afghanistan, and More

S18 EP 8

How to use different memory techniques to learn coding

S18 EP 7

How a coding background can give you an edge in product management

S18 EP 6

How you can use music to learn code

S18 EP 5

How military veterans can translate their skills to tech

S18 EP 4

How to make sense of the testing landscape

S18 EP 3

How you develop a CI/CD workflow

S18 EP 2

What are some essential skills you’ll need to be successful on your coding journey

S18 EP 1

What are SVGs and when should you use them

S17 EP 9

What are some database architectures and their use cases

S17 EP 8

What's in store for CodeLand 2021

S17 EP 7

When and how might you want to use different clouds

S17 EP 6

How to transition into development after over a decade in your field

S17 EP 5

What is AWS and how you become a cloud engineer

S17 EP 4

How to find a mentor and be a successful manager

S17 EP 3

How to do remote work well

S17 EP 2

DevNews: Inside the Gpt-3-Powered Chatbot That Someone Used to Talk to Their Fiancé Who Passed

S17 EP 1

What is Linux and when is it right for you?

S16 EP 8

What you should know about frontend development

S16 EP 7

How you can build communities for love and profit

S16 EP 6

What failing technical interviews can teach you

S16 EP 5

What are the quirks that come with being a developer

S16 EP 4

Which back-end should I use as a front-end developer

S16 EP 3

How to create content and build communities

S16 EP 2

What is creative coding and generative art

S16 EP 1

What it’s like to break into tech as a mother

S15 EP 10

DevNews: Platforms as Utilities, Archiving Yahoo Answers, and Companies Rescinding Accepted Offers

S15 EP 9

What it looks like when you start coding very early in life

S15 EP 8

What good soft skills look like

S15 EP 7

How to communicate complex technical topics

S15 EP 6

What is cryptography and how to get into it

S15 EP 5

What you need to know about APIs

S15 EP 4

What is Node.js and when might you use it

S15 EP 3

How to build an app from idea to maintenance

S15 EP 2

How to code without typing

S15 EP 1

What are the skills you need to go from developer to entrepreneur

S14 EP 9

How to build tech for social justice

S14 EP 8

What is .NET and why is it useful

S14 EP 7

How to stay motivated and get your first job

S14 EP 6

What is Typescript and when should you use it

S14 EP 5

What are the benefits of learning to code when you’re older

S14 EP 4

How to use code to build cross-cultural understanding

S14 EP 3

Introducing DevNews

S14 EP 2

How to get into spatial computing

S14 EP 1

How to go from convict to coder

S13 EP 8

How to get into data science and machine learning

S13 EP 7

What it’s like to build React

S13 EP 6

How to think about accessibility and empowerment

S13 EP 5

Why you should consider learning Ruby

S13 EP 4

Why you shouldn’t forget about CSS

S13 EP 3

What’s the deal with auth

S13 EP 2

How newbies can contribute to open source

S13 EP 1

How live coding can level up your development

S12 EP 9

Introducing DevDiscuss

S12 EP 8

How to harness privilege to create equitable design

S12 EP 7

What it looks like to be a frontend developer for 20 years

S12 EP 6

Why personal projects are so important

S12 EP 5

How to not get bogged down in technical debt

S12 EP 4

How no-code tools can help your coding

S12 EP 3

How to hack legally and penetrate the security field

S12 EP 2

What is COBOL and should you learn it

S12 EP 1

What is vanilla JS and how can it help you

S11 EP 8

How to not let imposter syndrome hold you back

S11 EP 7

Why site reliability is so important

S11 EP 6

What are the pros and cons of working in civic tech

S11 EP 5

Why defining your narrative arc is important to getting hired

S11 EP 4

How to get into game development

S11 EP 3

Why apprenticeships are important for equality, diversity, and inclusion

S11 EP 2

Why all developers should understand the basics of testing

S11 EP 1

Why ethics and contributor behavior matters in open source

S10 EP 8

What you should look for in online coding courses

S10 EP 7

Why you should learn to speak machine

S10 EP 6

How can we make the future of programming more inclusive?

S10 EP 5

How to be a good manager and a good employee

S10 EP 4

Building a personal brand early in your development career

S10 EP 3

How do you prepare for bootcamp and break into tech?

S10 EP 2

What are the pros and cons of getting paid for open source

S10 EP 1

What does ageism in tech look like

S9 EP 8

Why you should read the new edition of the Pragmatic Programmer

S9 EP 7

How do you create visual recognition software ethically and responsibly

S9 EP 6

What is Java good for and why is it still one of the most popular coding languages

S9 EP 5

Why you should understand user interface and design

S9 EP 4

What is workplace burnout and how can you stop it

S9 EP 3

How do you develop yourself and your code while fighting off trolls

S9 EP 2

What is data journalism and how do you tell stories through your code

S9 EP 1

How do you go from hackathons to building a hurricane relief business

S9 EP 0

Season 9 trailer

S8 EP 8

What it's like to be in a computer science class

S8 EP 7

How do you transform your career?

S8 EP 6

How to make the workplace more inclusive

S8 EP 5

UX in healthcare

S8 EP 4

How to get hired

S8 EP 3

Coding without code

S8 EP 2

How to build a community

S8 EP 1

From police recruit to developer

S7 EP 8

How do you build a great product?

S7 EP 7

When things go wrong at work

S7 EP 6

What are progressive web apps?

S7 EP 5

What does it mean to be offline-first?

S7 EP 4

What's a compiler?

S7 EP 3

Can you do open source full-time?

S7 EP 2

How do I level up?

S7 EP 1

Moms who code

S6 EP 8

What do you need to know about security?

S6 EP 7

From nanny to developer

S6 EP 6

How do I learn design?

S6 EP 5

Should you start freelancing?

S6 EP 4

Why do I need to test my code?

S6 EP 3

What’s it like to code for NASA?

S6 EP 2

From librarian to developer

S6 EP 1

How do you build a database?

S5 EP 8

From musician to developer

S5 EP 7

What's an Indie Hacker?

S5 EP 6

How do you build a robot in JavaScript?

S5 EP 5

How to figure out what’s next in your coding career

S5 EP 4

Learning to code with technical books

S5 EP 3

From teacher to developer

S5 EP 2

What is quality engineering?

S5 EP 1

What is open source hardware?

S4 EP 8

What’s it like to be the CTO of Microsoft?

S4 EP 7

How to teach when you’re not an expert

S4 EP 6

From glass blower to developer

S4 EP 5

Are you ready for a hackathon?

S4 EP 4

What happens in a technical interview?

S4 EP 3

What’s it like to be a coding apprentice?

S4 EP 2

What's a quiet developer?

S4 EP 1

How do you build an iOS app?

S3 EP 8

How to learn to code when you have no time and money

S3 EP 7

From tech blogger to Fog Creek CEO

S3 EP 6

How does the internet work?

S3 EP 5

Which javascript framework should you learn?

S3 EP 4

What should developers know about online privacy?

S3 EP 3

What is cryptocurrency?

S3 EP 2

What's a container?

S3 EP 1

Should you get a computer science degree?

S2 EP 8

Getting started on open source when you don't know where to start

S2 EP 7

How to get started in Augmented Reality

S2 EP 6

Who decides the future of CSS?

S2 EP 5

How to create an afro-futuristic virtual reality beauty salon

S2 EP 4

What makes a good speaker?

S2 EP 3

How do tech companies read your resume?

S2 EP 2

How do browsers work?

S2 EP 1

How she built a mobile app to help victims of domestic violence

S1 EP 8

What and why is web animation?

S1 EP 7

Why is my website slow?

S1 EP 6

How to ace a technical interview

S1 EP 5

How to learn React and React Native on a deadline

S1 EP 4

The JavaScript First Responder

S1 EP 3

How to teach yourself computer science

S1 EP 2

Building community in a virtual world: Moderation tools in VR

S1 EP 1

Intro to Accessibility

EP 146

Codeland - Mentorship, Technical Blogging, and Open Source Talks from Katrina Owen, Quincy Larson, and Nell Shamrell-Harrington

EP 145

Codeland - NYPL and Khan Academy talks from Courteney Ervin and Celia La

EP 144

Codeland - Accessibility and Education talks from Sterling Walker and Maurice Rogers

EP 143

Codeland - Community Talks from Valerie Woolard Srinivasan and Rapi Castillo

EP 142

Codeland - Mental Health talks from Michelle Morales and Greg Baugues

EP 141

Codeland - Interview with NYC's first CTO

EP 140

Codeland - Gaming and City Talks from Chris Algoo, Kate Rabinowitz, Eric Brelsford

EP 139

Codeland - Gaming Talks from Jessica Rudder and Opher Vishnia

EP 138

Codeland - Art and Code Talks from Stephanie Nemeth and Dan Shiffman

EP 137

Intro to Data Science

EP 136

Welcome to WordPress

EP 135

The Michael Jordan of Tech Talks

EP 134

Getting Into Hardware

EP 133

Building Robot Vacuum Cleaners: An Intro to Embedded Systems

EP 132

The Business of Open Source

EP 131

Take My Money

EP 130

30 Million Downloads

EP 129

Getting My First Developer Job

EP 128

Progressive Coders Network

EP 127

Creating a Game for Vets

EP 126

The Mechanic

EP 125

Learning to Code in the 1960s

EP 124

Open Source Newbie

EP 123

Rails Girls Summer of Code

EP 122

The Ethics of Coding

EP 121


EP 120

100 Days of Code

EP 119

Indie iOS Developer

EP 118

Truck Driver

EP 117

Diversity in Tech - Part II

EP 116

Diversity in Tech - Part I

EP 115

Getting a Computer Science Degree

EP 114

What's an Innovation Accountant?

EP 113


EP 112

Comedy and Code - Part II

EP 111

Comedy and Code - Part I

EP 110

Coding in Uganda

EP 108

Tech Internships

EP 107

Mom and Son Learn To Code

EP 106

Open Sourcing Mental Health - Part II

EP 105

Open Sourcing Mental Health - Part I

EP 104

Scrum Master

EP 103


EP 102

My Very First App

EP 101

Open Sourcerer of Django

EP 100

Creating CodeNewbie

EP 99

Creating Lifehacker - Part II

EP 98

Creating Lifehacker - Part I

EP 97

From Theater Technician to Programmer

EP 96

Developing Your Tech Talk Idea

EP 95

Is The Website Down?

EP 94

UX Design and Gaming

EP 93

Storytelling with Code

EP 92

Afghan Women Coding

EP 91

Creating EmberJS - Part II

EP 90

Creating EmberJS - Part I

EP 89

Mobile Developer

EP 88

CodeNewbie Apprentice

EP 87

Vets Who Code

EP 86

Intro to Databases

EP 85

Technical Writing

EP 84

From Research To Code

EP 83

How To Get A Coding Job

EP 82

What Is Code?

EP 81

Social Justice Warrior

EP 80

Designing Makerspaces

EP 79

Make Magazine

EP 78

Hardware Newbie

EP 77

Technically Speaking

EP 76

Data Journalist

EP 75

Coding In Colombia

EP 74

Startup Box

EP 73

Coding Chef

EP 72

Security Newbie

EP 71

Internet For All

EP 70

From Servers to Security

EP 69

Manager Newbie

EP 68

Too Late To Be Awesome

EP 67

Android Developer

EP 66


EP 65

Art and Code

EP 64

Write Speak Code

EP 63

Free Code Camp

EP 62

Hello Ruby

EP 61

Brianna and Brianna's Mother

EP 60

Impostor Syndrome

EP 59

The GitHub Nomad

EP 58

From Journalist to Developer

EP 57

Podcasting with Changelog

EP 56

From Temp to Head of Design

EP 55

Open Source Contributor

EP 54

The Hacker

EP 53

Peruvian Developer

EP 52

International Dev

EP 51

The Pragmatic Programmer - Part II

EP 50

The Pragmatic Programmer Part I

EP 49

Getting The Job