Ruby Roundup 2

Jekyll Blog - If you’re looking for a first Ruby project, I highly recommend making a blog with Jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby gem that gives you all the ingredients you need to build a blog or static website. You can use the default set-up or customize to your heart’s content by tweaking the underlying Ruby code. The best part of this gem is the outstanding documentation! If you read the docs, you’ll have no trouble getting your blog up and running.

Rails Girls Install Guide - One of the biggest hurdles for someone new to web development is setting up a Rails development environment. The internet is full of setup guides that are inaccurate or out-of-date, and choosing the wrong guide can get you tangled in a web of mysterious error messages. The Rails Girls installation guide takes the headache out of setup. Whether you work in Windows, Mac, or Linux, their guide will meet your needs.

21 Ruby Tricks - This blog post is a great resource for Intermediate Ruby developers looking to learn a few new tricks. It’s chock full of shortcuts that will help you write more concise Ruby code. The author lets the examples do the talking, so make sure to open up an IRB session and play around with the code snippets.

Mastering Ruby Regular Expressions - This is a short, easy-to-read introduction to regular expressions in Ruby. It’s a great quick-start guide with straight-forward examples.

Rubular - Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with regular expressions, take a look at Rubular. It’s a Regex editor that will help you quickly test your ruby regular expressions to make sure they match the appropriate strings. It also has a handy cheat-sheet for reference.