The CodeNewbie Holiday Wish List

The holidays are here! It’s time to exchange gifts with those near and dear to us, and maybe grab something for yourself too. If you’re shopping for a coder, here are some fun gift ideas.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet with Bitcoin in it

Go low-tech to stash some high-tech currency. According to multiple sources (here, here, and here) paper wallets are a fairly secure way to store cryptocurrencies. You can DIY with a tutorial or order a fancy wallet kit featuring holographic stickers!

Bitcoinpaperwallet kits - starting from 0.0007 BTC (around $12.77 USD)

Glitch Leggings

Cyberdog made leggings featuring source code from their own website! With glitches (of course). Your choice of white tights with black lettering or black tights with white type.

Glitch leggings - $52

Mechanical Keyboards

Beloved by gamers and those who revel in the nostalgia of click-clacking keys, mechanical keyboards are fun, slick and often colorful, too. Try these:

Das keyboards are well rated - $119+

Razer has some beautiful designs - $99+

Bubblesort Zines

Bubblesort zines are incredibly cute and skillfully deep. Grab titles like “How Does the Internet”, “Literal Twitter Bot” and “Pixel Perfect” to learn computer science basics painlessly. The storytelling! The explainer on Instagram filters! The illustrations! We just can’t get enough of these clever little books. They make great gifts for coders and non-coders alike.

Zines - $8

Raspberry Pi or Arduino

Tinkering with hardware is a super rewarding way to learn about computer science! These kits are beginner-friendly, and they have lots of optional add-ons. There are hundreds of project ideas online. You could build a smart mirror, retro videogames, wearables, or motion-triggered lighting around your house. Or you could wow your friends with a laser harp!

Raspberry Pi starter kits

Arduino holiday gift guide

Binary Socks

Nothing says “I love coding” better than mustard yellow socks covered in ones and zeroes! Or not. It’s your call. On Teespring, you can get bright binary socks or choose subtle sock colors like black, blue, or grey, if you must. A rainbow of options awaits!

Programmers’ Socks, $15

A Better Monitor - Portable or Vertical

Portable monitors make working on the road oh-so-much easier. They’re perfect for the entrepreneur or digital nomad in your life.

Lilliput 7”- $99 - Easy to throw in a tote bag and go, the Lilliput is small and also versatile. It leans on a tiny leg that won’t eat up desk space. This model is also rotatable. You can use it in portrait or landscape orientation.

Asus 15.6”- $187 - Enjoy a large display at a mid-range price with this Asus monitor. Only one cable is required to connect it! USB powers the monitor and transmits video.

GeChic 13.3” - $329 - Almost a tablet, this monitor features touchscreen interaction, speakers, and multiple video connection options (HDMI and VGA).

Pivoting monitors rotate on their base so you can have a wide display or a tall one. Lines of code tend to be short, so the advantage of a tall screen is that you can fit more code on a long screen. You can see surrounding code, and navigate through long, nested sections with ease. It’s a game changer!

MagicHold Rotating Double Laptop/Monitor Stand - $79 - Ideal for a desk, and no drilling required, this gizmo will hold two screens or laptops for you. Clamp it onto a table or desk, and move it where you need it. Great for shared office spaces at home, where you might want to swap out devices, or clear it out of the way for other activities.

Viewsonic 22” - $99 - Get in on the tall screen game. Only 1080p, but also only $99.

Asus 27”- $224 - Sold as a more ergonomic monitor, this model is bigger and fully adjustable. It tilts, pivots, and swivels to accommodate virtually any workstation, at any time of day. For everyone who works in an open concept office with massive windows, here’s a monitor that’s easy to shift as the sun moves. Got 3PM glare? NBD! Swivel.

Anything from A Book Apart

This is one of our all-time favorite publishers! Self-described as “brief books for people who make websites”, A Book Apart publishes helpful content from recognized experts on topics like CSS, SASS, responsive design, and (we love this title) “Git for Humans”. It’s all packaged in lovely little volumes that are affordable and easy to digest.

- Check out