Resource Roundup - No.1

Every week, we’ll share 5 of the most valuable, newbie-friendly posts and resources. If you come across something valuable that you think should be included be sure to let us know and I may include that in a future week’s post! You can post your resource ideas on our thread here.

EggHead - Bite-Sized video training for Angular, React, D3, and many other modern web technologies. They have small, punchy videos packed with just the important information you need to develop your skills and zero fluff.

Font Awesome - Almost everyone I know includes Font Awesome icons in their projects. There are so many to choose from, and it can easily make your app look more professional.

Calendly - I wish more people used this app. It’s a simple way to schedule meetings with people, instead of playing e-mail tag to get the right time. Just have one person choose a piece of your calendar that works. It’s really great for busy people.

Three Simple Techniques For Writing More Semantic And Maintainable Javascript - I thought this was a great article about writing better code in Javascript, which is something I’m very passionate about. If you want some ideas on improving your javascript , read this.

Coderbyte - You can never get enough practice, and this is a very well done and less talked about site with coding challenges and interview questions that I recommend you check out if you’re looking to improve your skills, especially in preparation for technical interviews.

Gunnars - These are probably some of the most important things you can get as a programmer to protect your eye health, and reduce the strain of staring at a screen all day. I’ve been wearing mine every day for 3 years and swear by them. When I take them off, I can really tell the difference because the screen feels SO bright by comparison and I no longer get headaches or fatigue from coding all day.

Free Code Camp - This one is a doozy! A full curriculum for learning the MEAN stack including beginner-friendly challenges, projects and eventually the chance to work with real non-profit websites. Plus, it has an extremely active community online.

That’s it for this week! Hopefully you’ve found something helpful, and again if you have a resource you’d like to see in next week’s roundup, be sure to post it at here.

See you next week!