Resource Roundup 5

Every week, we’ll share 5 of the most valuable, newbie-friendly posts and resources. If you come across something valuable that you think should be included be sure to let us know and I may include that in a future week’s post! You can post your resource ideas on our thread here.

Material Design Spec - You would be surprised at the amount of knowledge that can be gained by browsing through the official design spec for Material. You can see their suggested dos and don’ts for various UI / UX actions. I don't recommend reading each section word for word, but give it a browse and you won't regret it.

The 120-Hour Workweek Challenge - While this wouldn’t be healthy to do ALL the time, it’s definitely an interesting challenge proposed by Nick Winter of He also put together an amazing time lapse of him focusing on nothing but coding for 120 hours (minus a few hours of sleep) and wrote a great writeup of the experience afterwards.

Goodbye SaaS, Hello Containers - Have you heard of Docker? It’s a service that puts your app in a “container” so that it will run the same on any machine, which is great for consistency when deploying your software. Apparently it's a pretty big deal and this article goes into more detail.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns - Want to level up your CS skills by learning some raw design patterns? This intermediate-level book walks you through many of the powerful patterns being used today in javascript.

Introduction to Data Science - Interested in learning about Data Science? I haven't taken this course personally, but it's on my "eventually" list as I've heard that it’s very in depth and informative.

That’s it for this week! Hopefully you’ve found something helpful, and again if you have a resource you’d like to see in next week’s roundup, be sure to post it here .

See you around!