Resource Roundup 4

Every week, we’ll share 5 of the most valuable, newbie-friendly posts and resources. If you come across something valuable that you think should be included be sure to let us know and I may include that in a future week’s post! You can post your resource ideas on our thread here.

GreenSock Animation Library

If you are doing anything other than basic hovers and transitions with CSS, then you definitely want to check out GreenSock. It is one of the most robust and performant Javascript animation libraries, which makes it possible to take your visuals to a whole new level.

Responsive Tables in Pure CSS

Viewing tables on mobile screens can be a terrible experience, and difficult to deal with as a programmer. Luckily, Living Social wrote a very informative article on how to deal with this very situation.

Try Regex

Regex is one of the most awkward things to learn, and always feels so cryptic to read. TryRegex is a series of challenges that can be completed right inside of your browser that will take you from regnewbie to regxpert! (lol)


Knowledge of node is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skills in today's job market. Nodeschool has some of my favorite style of tutorials. You actually download a command-line program to your local PC and run everything from your own editor. If you enjoy learning about Node, then don’t stop there. They have tutorials for all kinds of Javascript related topics as well.

MongoDB University

MongoDB is very popular with Node, but is quite the departure from SQL based databases. The creators of Mongo have put together some really in-depth free training which caters to people of various tech backgrounds.

That’s it for this week! Hopefully you’ve found something helpful, and again if you have a resource you’d like to see in next week’s roundup, be sure to post it here.