Resource Roundup 3

Every week, we’ll share 5 of the most valuable, newbie-friendly posts and resources. If you come across something valuable that you think should be included be sure to let us know and I may include that in a future week’s post! You can post your resource ideas on our thread here.

CSS Animation for Beginners - Animation is awesome! I love making things move around on the screen because it makes me feel so powerful. Thoughtbot has a great post on getting started with CSS animations.

S.O.L.I.D: The First 5 Principles of Object Oriented Design - Writing clean code is a big passion of mine, because as a developer, a large majority of your time will be spent reading other’s code. The SOLID principles are crucial in helping us write clean code, so that we can write code that’s easier for other developers to understand, and that is easier to maintain and extend over time.

Focus@Will - WOW! This simple, scientific music app has helped me boost my productivity by a massive amount over this past month by providing a playlist of songs that help you work. Stop listening to distracting music, and use this tool to help you better focus on coding. - If you aren’t building little demos and reading others’ code with this great website yet, then start now! You can also use it to drop in snippets of code for blog posts or to use as snippets for your portfolio.

You Might Not Need JQuery - Many people rely on Jquery for everything, even simple tasks, but the downside is that it’s a pretty massive framework. This website shows how to do standard JQuery tasks with vanilla Javascript. Definitely worth a read, especially for building simple, static sites!

That’s it for this week! Hopefully you’ve found something helpful, and again if you have a resource you’d like to see in next week’s roundup, be sure to post it here.

See you around!