Our One-Year Anniversary

A year ago, we had our very first #CodeNewbie twitter chat. I held my breath when I sent that first tweet. I was nervous, and I prayed that someone would tweet back.

They did. And soon, a small group convened, and we spent the hour excitedly talking about code. I thought this little chat would last a few weeks, maybe a few months. But a year later, and it's grown into a beautiful community of people excited about coding and helping each other grow as developers and as people.

I’m so honored to have you in our community.

Since that first chat, we’ve launched a vibrant online forum, a weekly podcast hosting both leaders and up-and-coming leaders of the CodeNewbie community. We’ve covered touching stories of people like Christina and Ramsey, important topics like web accessibility and creating safe spaces for all people in tech, and programming foundations like testing and devops.

And we’re just getting started.

We promise to bring you resources, content, and inspirational stories to keep you going.

We promise to support you on your coding journey, and to do whatever we can to help you grow.

Learning to code is hard. You don’t have to do it alone.

So on our one-year anniversary of the #CodeNewbie twitter chat, I invite you to bring a friend, and spread the coding spirit. We all know that person who’s thought about tech, was maybe curious about learning to code, and we’d love for you to invite them to tonight’s #CodeNewbie chat at 9PM EST.

Let us know who you brought, and you know we’ll give them the warmest of shoutouts.

Hope I see you on the chat tonight :)

All the love,