Iron Coder #3: Iron Cloud Project

Congratulations!!  Your work on the wacky Word Madness project was a success! In fact, it was so successful that you have received a desperate plea for help from a new potential employer. Iron Cloud is a site that prides itself on two things. First, it exists entirely in the cloud, in fact no one knows where it actually exists. Secondly, it features tags to help group it’s content, allowing its users whose interests range from food to coding to the arctic to categorize their posts for them.

The problem is that their developer was poached by a startup with lots of money and Iron Cloud was left without their crowning achievement, a lovely tag cloud showing all the tags for the site.

The Design

For this challenge you will have the tag data which the system admin has helpfully exported into a text file for you here. Your task, if you choose to accept it is to create a tag cloud. That is, a list of all the tags where each tag appears only once. The CEO of Iron Cloud insists that this list is in alphabetical order.

Change Happens

Once you have completed the challenge you may opt to modify your program to perform one or more of the stretch goals below. These will add additional complexity to a project and may force you to modify your original design to accommodate them.

Stretch Goals

Here are the stretch goals that you can decide to implement, or not.

1. You show the CEO your list of tags and he is thankful but dubious. He tries to click on them, and nothing happens. He says that he wants to be able to click on them. Turn your list into an HTML document complete links.

2. Some tags are used more than others, make these appear larger in the tag cloud than the other tags.

3. Spammers have somehow hacked gained access to the site and have started putting their urls as tags into posts, please filter these out!

4. Make a complete static site tag implementation. Sure there is no real content but it should generate a tag cloud where each tag links to another html document that contains links to all the pages that contain that tag

Good luck!

Challenge Details

Project #: 3

Project Name: Iron Cloud

Project Start: October 2, 2015

Project End: October 16, 2015

How to Join

Join us for our weekly session in the #ironcoder Slack channel or stream the event here on Friday at 9PM EST.