Front-End Roundup 3

SlideRuler's UX Design School- Is a course composed of 116+ hours of videos, articles and blog posts, all free and accessible after a quick sign-up. The course is broken up into 11 chapters which cover UX, research, design, working in teams and how all these factors come together to make a cohesive product. I found the content informative and easy to follow. There are some lessons that are as short as a 3 minute video and others that are more detailed.'s Youtube Channel - Will Stern guides you through web development and design concepts.  He has a series of playlists that guide you through webOps, Javascript, responsive HTML, and in depth topics. He also has standalone videos such as explaining Github pulls, what is Yeoman, why you should have a build system and other insights into the day to day developer tools. I am not the type of person that learns well by sitting and watching and listening to someone else work through the lesson. I am the type of person that needs to read in order to comprehend what they are learning and even I was  able to sit through any of the videos on’s channel. The videos are in HD and the sole focus is the screen. Will speaks clearly and can be heard just fine through crappy and low sounding laptop speakers. He also answers comments, which I really like seeing in a channel, because it shows me that he cares about the viewers.

Front End Development is Development - I’ve been (mentally) wrestling myself in what I want to pursue in terms of web development.  I relate and lean more to the front end, but sometimes get the feeling that it doesn’t feel like development or programming, as much as the back end and maybe isn’t considered as smart or as hard.  The other night I was googling “is front-end development programming” while listening to Chris Coyier’s interview on CodeNewbie Podcast and I made my way over to his site, CSS-Tricks and came across “Front End Development is Development,” written by Geoff Graham, that reassured me that front end is development.  We all have a role to play and although it might seem easier , we have different variables to deal with.  I highly recommend you read the previous week’s article too, which is linked in the blog post.  

CreativeBloq - As I was looking for fonts that resembled handwriting, I came across an article called  “36 Great Free Handwriting Fonts” on CreativeBloq.  I enjoyed their article but I noticed that while scrolling through it, I kept seeing other stories they were advertising on the side and opened those in a new tab.  Within 10 minutes, I had over 15 new tabs opened.  I lost myself in article after article.  I know CreativeBloq is considered one of those standard “must read and subscribe” sites in the industry, and I’m here to tell you to click over, read, and subscribe.  I’m a self-professed “Unicorn-in-training” and to me this site is Nirvana.  It touches on art, design, ux/ui, color theory, typography and tech.  You’re still reading? I told you two sentences ago to click over and read! Now, GO!