Front-End Roundup 2

Mockflow - You finally have a project in mind, you open up your web browser and start coding. Before you know it, you’ve spent more hours playing around with button positioning, moving around images and playing around with margin widths than actually coding. Next time, hop over to Mockflow and plan out your project with a wireframe layout (or five). Mockflow allows you to draw simple wireframe layouts or get as detailed as you’d like by changing fonts, adding colors and even upload images. The best part? You don’t have to play alone, you can share with your coworkers and have them make changes as well. The free subscription allows 2 co-editors per project. Paid subscriptions start at $14.99 a month.

GoodUI - This site offers you 60 user interface ideas, each one summarized in a paragraph. These paragraphs are straight and to the point, and each has a small diagram showing what to do and not to do. GoodUI is a quick and fun read. Should you need to reference back to a particular tip, you can quickly scroll through and look through the images until you find what you’re looking for. It’s a “Must Bookmark” resource in my opinion.

Public Domain Images - Public Domain Archives is unlike other image sites. It’s run by a small family whose mission is to have one place to find free and high quality photographs online. You could spend hours searching online to find the perfect picture (and then forget where you found it) or have an inbox cluttered with unread emails from free image sites with updates of new photos on their site or you can just have one repository of free, high-resolution photographs to visit.

GPMD - I came across GPMD’s blog and was about 10 entries deep when I looked at other areas of their site and discovered they are a London based agency. Their multi-weekly blog posts are an excellent resource for best practices and pointers from a talented company.

Google Fonts - A repository of free web fonts. You can download the fonts should you need to use them offline. Should you need to use them for your own blog or app, you can link to the API.