Celebrating 100 Podcast Episodes

We're a few episodes away from our 100th podcast episode! I'm so excited and humbled by all the awesome people who've been on the show, from well-known programmers like John Resig and Yehuda Katz, to game-changers like Danilo Campos and Fereshteh Forough, to newer developers like Sharon Siegel and Angel Jose. They've opened up their lives and been so generous with their stories, and I want to show them how much we appreciate them.

I get emails and tweets from listeners about how a particular guest or episode really connected with them. So if there's a particular guest who's inspired you, who helped you feel less alone in your coding journey, whose story gave you the extra push you needed, I want to hear about it. Write up your story and email it to me at saron@codenewbie.org. Let's show our guests exactly how much we appreciate them. Cheers to 100 episodes.