100 Days of Code: CodeNewbie Edition

For our last podcast episode of 2016, we interviewed Alex Kallaway, the creator of the #100DaysofCode challenge. He told us about the ups and downs of finishing the challenge, and the value it brought to his coding skills. Check out the episode here. We were inspired, and after publishing the episode, many people in our community were inspired too.

So if you'd like to join the challenge, we're officially kicking ours on Jan 9, and we'd love to have you tweet your progress with us! The first step is to go to this repo and follow the instructions to setup your #100DaysofCode. If you've already started, keep going, and let us know what you're up to!

Here are the folks who've already accepted the challenge:

- Clifton Craig

- Angela Andrews

- Nick Kramer

- John Magee


- Kim Crayton

Dorian C. Brown


Nayonna Purnell

- Russ Eby

- Chantelle Janeen

- Angelina Simms

- Ari Robbins

Vicki Giannakopoulos

- Shanise

- Rich Keyzor

- Brandon B.

- Mayur Deepak Wadhwani

- Heidee Smith

- Isis Tejeda

- Monica Powell

Brittany Walker

- Terence Roberts

Henrik Ilgen

- Beau Carnes

Akshay Chaudhary

Chanelle Hartwig

Valeria Oshiro

Want to add your name to the list? DM us your full name and a link to your #100DaysofCode GitHub progress log to @CodeNewbies. And make sure to join our #100DaysofCode channel on our CodeNewbie Slack. Happy coding!