Ep. 19

The Hard Way

January 19, 2015


Zed A. Shaw

Author, The Hard Way Series

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Zed A. Shaw is the author of The Hard Way Series of books Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Ruby The Hard Way, and many more. He's a veteran programmer who has been coding for 20+ years and has written software used by many companies and other programmers. His books teaching programming are read all over the world by millions of people a year. He is a musician, builds guitars, and most recently a beginner painter.


Zed A. Shaw, developer and author of the Learn the Hard Way series, talks to us about how to learn to code, his own approach to learning a new programming language, and why he’s not a fan of programming bootcamps. He also answers a few questions from the CodeNewbie community, including what the A in his name stands for.

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