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Storytelling and Code

In Ep.93, we interview theater director Michael Rau on how he uses code to create powerful, emotional experiences, and a big part of that was based on storytelling. So we wanted to talk to you about storytelling and code! Hope to see you at next week's #CodeNewbie twitter chat.


CodeNewbie Logo Contest

We love our green hashtag, but we need a new logo. So we’re turning to our CodeNewbie family for help! Submit your logo design to the CodeNewbie Logo Contest!

The winner will get $200 worth of services from more

Ep. 93 - Storytelling with Code


Code and Culture

In EP. 92 of the CodeNewbie Podcast, we talked with Fereshteh Forough, CEO of Code to Inspire, about Afghan women learning to code, and the way culture ties into that. So we wanted to talk to you about coding and culture. Check it out!


Ep. 92 - Afghan Women Coding

Fereshteh Forough wanted to help women in Afghanistan. She knew that attainin... more

What's a beginner?

In part two of our two-part interview with Yehuda Katz (co-creator of EmberJS), we talk about tons of awesome stuff, including what it means to be a beginner. So we wanted to talk to you about it!



CodeNewbie started as a weekly TwitterChat to connect people learning to code by Saron. Since then it’s grown into an incredible community of programmers at all levels encouraging each other on their coding journey.