Ep. 46

Self Taught Programmer

July 27, 2015


Courteney Ervin

Web Developer, CodeMontage

twitter, github

Courteney Ervin is an Events Platform Engineer at CodeMontage. The confluence of open source and social good were the seed of her tech career, and she is thrilled to be writing code at the junction of such important movements.


Courteney Ervin taught herself to code. She did it in her spare time, finding hours late at night and on weekends to grow her skills. And in that time, she went to her first hackathon, made her first open source contribution, taught others to code, and finally found herself in a full-time role as a developer. She tells us about her journey, and the key moments that helped her advance her tech career, and shares advice on how others can make the most of their self-taught journey.

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